Caterpillar Propulsion Specialist

  • 更新时间:2018-06-27
  • 学历:不限
  • 工作地点:上海市
  • 语言要求:英语
  • 工作年限:5-10年
  • 招聘人数:1
  • 月薪:0-0元
  • 性质:外资企业

Caterpillar Propulsion Specialist
Develops and presents technical solutions. Needs to have deep technical and product expertise within and outside of core products to drive / influence the design of solution.
Communicates with designers, operators, shipyards. Stays up-to-date with technical developments and competitors.

Type of personality:
? Willing to travel and meet customers on a regular basis.
? Technical affinity, Customer focus ,Intercultural , High leadership skills.
? responsible, high drive, takes initiative, perseverance and sense of urgency.
? High intellectual ability i.e. good communication skills, logical and creative.

Describe the work scope:
??Responsible to contact leads and customers in order to understand to the technical requirements.
? Identify and set standards for all required equipment and prepare the offerings in a timely manner.
? Assist to develop and lead the implementation of Sales strategy in your area of coverage.
? Identify customer requirements (designer / shipyard / operator / class) and ensure correct technical solution to meet the requirements in a timely manner.
? Understand and make strategic decisions of how to maximize the potential of our product range. Make the scope as competitive as possible.
? Work upstream with designers to guide them to good technical solution. Highlight our strengths and unique features to give advantage over other suppliers. Support with calculations and drawings.
? Work with owners/operator to explain our design and technical advantages. Focus on cost of ownership rather than only initial investment.
? Work with shipyards to present our ease of installation solutions.

??Develop and maintain image and brand positioning in accordance with Caterpillar Propulsion global standards.
? Key decision making.
? Ensure customer satisfaction by assisting customer to develop requirements for the propulsion equipment package during the project definition stage.
??Understand what parameters controls what to offer?
o Class requirements (DP, Ice, Noise, etc)
o Vessel design (Hull shape, wake, draft, thrust deduction, maximum speed, noise/vibration ”sensitivity”)
o Operation profile (Towing, free-running, multi purpose, Fifi, shaft generators, DP, Ice going; what % in each mode?)
o Propulsion set up (# of propellers, type of propellers, nozzel/open, DM/DE/Hybrid, propeller size restrictions, prime mover set up, propulsion system interfaces)
?Understand how to make the propulsion selection
o Hub 、Blade design、Stern tube
o Mechanical restrictions (stroke enough to give full ahead and astern pitch)
o Auxiliaries in scope of supply (Control system components/interfaces, net cutters, shaft earthing, anodes, nozzle, rope guards,
o Shaft line selection (PS vs HSS, Dimensions, bearings and bearing locations, couplings, bulk head seals, verifications: TVC, TVA, TVL, alignment)
o Trading components (Gear box, PTI/PTO/PTH, motors, couplings, HSS components)
o Database of experiences and delivered orders

Education:  Master or Bachelor’s Degree in Hydrodynamics or Engineering
Experience:  Prior experience in the design and application engineering for marine propulsion equipment
Necessary skills:
? Good knowledge in English and local language, both written and spoken
? Have good understanding for marine business and particularly the ship owners
? General knowledge of Class Society requirements
? General Knowledge of Propulsion Line
? General Knowledge on Ship Design
? Ability to read and interpret Mechanical / Hydraulic / Electric drawings, charts and blueprints
? General Mechanic / Hydraulic / Electric Knowledge
? General Hydrodynamics knowledge



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